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Pope Chastises Media, yet Ignores Current Church Sex Scandal Sins

Pope Francis must swiftly fire Cardinal Timothy Dolan and move to continue to clean up and remove not only priests, but Bishops and Cardinals that have any involvement in covering up sex crimes and rapes of anyone, including women and children with disabilities.

Pope Francis tells media it’s a “very serious sin” when journalists dredge-up old scandals yet at the same time the Pope ignores current sex scandal sins

Pope Francis must swiftly fire Cardinal Timothy Dolan and move to continue to clean up and remove not only priests, but Bishops and Cardinals involved in covering up sex crimes and rapes”
— Michael Carey - Advocate for people with disabilities and their families

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2017 / -- “Pope: Media sins by dredging up, sensationalizing old news” is just off the press by the AP News and all over the world, wow!

Current news that has been published on Pope Francis News Today was regarding the Jonathan Carey Foundations extensive investigative research. In depth investigations reveal massive cover-ups of thousands of sexual assaults and rapes of women and children with disabilities in State and private mental health facilities and group homes throughout New York State. Pope Francis and Cardinal Dolan have been aware of these atrocities for over two years, but have refused to take any actions to stop these atrocities against the most vulnerable. Sexual predators, pedophile and rapist caregivers are being jockeyed or shuffled from group home to group home just like pedophile Catholic Church priests were moved from parish to parish.

Here is the first Boston Globe Spotlight investigative team exposé that started it all.

Church allowed abuse by priest for years

"Aware of Geoghan record, archdiocese still shuttled him from parish to parish"

In all reality these horrific sex crimes committed against the disabled happening in our communities are no different and protecting sexual predator and pedophile caregivers is happening from parish to parish. This is current news, this is not dredging up old news, and this evil which the Pope should be doing everything within his power to stop must be stopped now. Pope Francis must start by cleaning up corrupt Bishops and Cardinals within the Catholic Church that look the other way and allow sexual predators and pedophiles to escape justice and rape other innocent women and children with disabilities.

Michael Carey the founder of Jonathan Carey Foundation which advocates and fights for the equal rights of people with disabilities has sent numerous emails to both Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Pope Francis seeking emergency help for disabled sex crime victims. Both the Pope and the Cardinal have refused to take any actions, therefore Michael Carey was forced to publicly call for Cardinal Dolan’s resignation. Only a couple letters that surfaced and given to the Boston Globe proved Cardinal Bernard Laws involvement in protecting a pedophile priest, leading to Cardinal Laws resignation. Numerous letters have gone to both Cardinal Dolan and Pope Francis. Requests for Pope Francis to intervene and remove Cardinal Dolan have gone un-responded to as of today.

Here is the last email from Michael Carey to Cardinal Timothy Dolan dated December 9, 2017;

“Cardinal Dolan,

Again, I must insist that you immediately step down from your position as a Cardinal over close to 8 million New York State Catholics. Your complicity and deafening silence and involvement in protecting countless sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists disqualifies you from further service.

As you are aware, countless innocent children and adults with disabilities have been severely harmed and forever damaged because of being raped or sodomized by these very sick and sexually deviant individuals. Why you have chosen to protect them instead of the most vulnerable makes no sense. My prayer is that you will humble yourself and find mercy and forgiveness from the Lord for these most heinous and sinful acts.

Michael Carey”

Here is from leading advocate for the disabled, Michael Carey, who posted as a comment to the Washington Post website regarding the printing of this important AP News piece;

“I agree with the Pope that media should not do one sided news, but what old news is the Pope concerned about being dredged up? Is it horrific news surrounding Church leaders moving pedophile priests from parish to parish? Or could the Pope be more concerned about the current news of Church leaders looking the other way, including himself, regarding protecting sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists today?

The Pope ignored multiple pleas for help for disabled sexual assault and rape victims within New York State and the requests for the resignation of Cardinal Timothy Dolan within the last few weeks. Current news stories are up on the EIN News- Pope Francis Today regarding massive cover-ups of sex crimes of people with disabilities and Cardinal Dolan's purposeful actions of looking the other way. Both Pope Francis and Cardinal Dolan have refused to answer or comment, similar to Cardinal Bernard Law when he refused to answer the Boston Globe Spotlight investigative reporting team regarding his knowledgeable actions of allowing a pedophile priest to continue to violate and rape more innocent and vulnerable children.

Pope Francis must swiftly fire Cardinal Timothy Dolan and move to continue to clean up and remove not only priests, but Bishops and Cardinals that have any involvement in covering up sex crimes and rapes of anyone, including women and children with disabilities. I have personally seen Pope Francis on multiple occasions in the news step out of his way to show love and compassion to a child with disabilities. I urge the Pope to do what is right now and use his leadership to help end the horrific cover-ups and atrocities where most sex crimes and rapes within mental health facilities and group homes, thousands, throughout New York State alone are covered-up internally and kept from local police and County Prosecutors. What the Spotlight news team and the movie Spotlight brought to light is going on today in New York State's mental health care system.” – Michael Carey

This is news unfolding now and to get the big picture please review this vital series of 9 extremely important EIN News pieces that are on Pope Francis News Today. This EIN News series began on December 1, 2017;

Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s Silence for Years has Protected Cuomo & Countless Sexual Predators & Pedophiles

Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan Do Not Dispute Allegations of Protecting Sexual Predators & Pedophiles

Cuomo & Dolan Still Silent on Combined Sexual Predator Cover-up Scheme

Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan Ensure Protection of Sexual Predators in Sex Scandal

Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan Protect Sexual Predators & Pedophiles in Sex Cover-up Scandal

The Worst of the Worst are Leaders that Protect Sexual Predators, Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan

Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan protect sexual predators like powerful people protected Harvey Weinstein

Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan are Protecting Sexual Predators and the Motive is Money

Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan Refuse to Protect Disabled Women & Children from Sexual Predators

Why has Pope Francis not taken emergency actions to stop and prevent these sex cover-up atrocities and the people behind the scenes responsible for the cover-ups?

• The ongoing cover-ups of sex crimes and rapes of the disabled

• The moving of sexual predator and pedophile caregivers from group home to group home or from parish to parish

• Keeping most of these sex crimes and rapes from 911, local police, criminal investigations, Prosecutors and Courts

• The swift removal of corrupt Bishops and Cardinals that are protecting and shielding these sexual predators

• Why has the Pope not addressed and ensured the removal of the worst criminals regarding these sex crimes which are Church leaders and governmental officials involved in enabling and protecting these sexual predators from criminal prosecution?

• Why has Pope Francis not addressed these massive institutional systemic failures that the Catholic Church has been part of?

• Sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists of people with disabilities are criminals and this issue of treating sex crimes against the disabled as if they are not crimes is an international societal problem of epic proportion. Why has the Pope been silent on these atrocities?

The Pope has been strongly urged by Michael Carey and the Jonathan Carey Foundation to do what is right and just in Gods eyes. We also have laws that are in place to protect everyone, which includes the disabled, which are being ignored for this special group of people that the Pope cannot continue to ignore. The Discrimination in Civil Rights spoken of are no different than what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought against, except for a much more vulnerable group of people. Sex crimes and rapes of the disabled are not being reported immediately to 911 emergency call systems, but instead are be internally reported, just like within the Catholic Church, and almost all of these most heinous sec crimes and atrocities are being covered-up.

Pope Francis must first start by immediately firing Cardinal Timothy Dolan and other top Catholic officials for their involvement in protecting countless sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists of our most vulnerable people with disabilities throughout New York State. Pope Francis must also take on the task of dealing with the far greater sins within the Catholic Church hierarchy regarding protecting sexual predator and pedophile priests, but also governmental officials, even more so, Catholic public officials, engaged in protecting these sexual deviants and criminals from prosecution. Pope Francis must address and answer all of the big questions and bullet-ed points just mentioned and move swiftly to deal with this vital international crisis - the protection of sexual predators over the safety, health, equal rights and lives of our most vulnerable children and adults with disabilities.

Donate and support this vital Civil Rights Movement.

If you have any tips or knowledge of sexual assaults, deaths or cover-ups please call the Jonathan Carey Foundation sexual abuse & death tip hotline @ (518) 475-7500

Michael Carey
The Jonathan Carey Foundation
(518) 852-9377
email us here

The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

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